Education Pack

DVD Education Pack
1. Adam’s Story – Film of Dave telling Adam’s story supported by photo images and CCTV coverage of the night.

  • Violence and Alcohol
  • Personal and collective responsibility
  • Effects of ‘banter’ with the wrong people
  • Influence of young women

1b. Adam’s Character – Film of Dave telling talking about Adam’s character

  • He was comfortable with who he was
  • Not influenced by others to fit in
  • Not worried about peer belonging or peer pressure

2. Consequences. Impact filmed interviews

  • How can I make a difference?
  • How can we stay safe and help others to be safe?

3. Podge’s Song – Written by Michael Strahan who had been a friend of Adam’s since their first day at Primary School

4. Drama Workshop – Supported by worksheet/discussion points

  • What could have happened to change the outcome of the evening?
  • At which points in the evening do you think things could have been very different?
  • What influence do you think the girls had on that evening?
  • Using Role play – produce two scenarios that have a different outcome.

5. Restorative Justice

Consequences from that night for the young man who threw the punch that killed Adam.

Discussion about sentencing:

  • What is a fair sentence?
  • What is the purpose of the sentence? Punishment/Public Safety/Rehabilitation
  • Restorative practice
  • Victim awareness

5b. Restorative Justice film clip (Granada Reports)

  • Consequences from Dave’s RJ meeting

6. Police Interview – Supported by worksheet/discussion points.

  • Safety in the town centres – police presence
  • Effects of budget cuts on numbers of police available
  • Dealing with people who have had large amounts of alcohol
  • Changes in the Licensing Laws and the effect on Town Centres
  • Sentencing

7. Gift of life.

  • A collection of filmed interviews with family, friends and professionals, who speak about organ donation.
  • Information about how to become a donor.
  • Having the conversation

7b. Film about transplant recipient – Mark Smith’s story. (BBC North West)